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  Dairy production is an activity with one of the longest traditions in Europe. Production companies have invested and evolved, with an important outlay in research and development that have allowed the industry’s modernization, transforming the European dairy industry into one of the most advanced in the world, equipped with cutting-edge technology.


  Moreover, it has resulted in a tremendous diversity of products coming from various European regions. The European Union is one of the biggest producers of milk and dairy products such as butter, yogurt and cheese.


  Milk is offered on the market in many varieties, each with different characteristics in order to meet the different needs of consumers, making possible to make purchasing choices based on habits, taste, frequency of purchase or the need for a particular diet, maintaining the fundamental contribution to health that milk provides daily. In recent years, scientific research has obtained new results that configure milk as a "naturally functional" food, that is, in addition to being nutritious, it protects our body.

  具有不同特性的多品类牛奶被提供到市场,以满足消费者的不同需求,使基于习惯、口味的购买选择, 购买频率或特殊饮食的购买需求成为可能。同时每日的牛奶供应也保证了人体的健康需求。近年来,科学研究取得了新的成果,认为牛奶是一种“天然功能性”食品,即除了营养外,还能保护我们的身体。




  Yogurt is a function food par excellence thanks to its numerous and beneficial effects on health: from the enhanced digestion of lactose to the inhibition of the growth of pathogenic intestinal microflora, from the reduction of cholesterol to anti-hypertensive action. There are many types of yogurt on the market, in order to satisfy all the tastes and needs of consumers: there is the “whole”, with more than 3% fat, the “partially skimmed”, with a percentage between 1.5 and 1.8, and “lean”, with less than 1.5% fat. In addition to these, there are also those that differ in consistency: there is the creamy, the compact and even the drink. As for tastes, yogurt can be white, also called natural, or flavored with both fruits and other ingredients.

  酸奶因其对健康的众多有益作用而成为一种卓越的功能性食品:从促进乳糖消化到抑制致病性肠道菌群的生长,从降低胆固醇到抗高血压作用。市场上的酸奶品类繁多,便于满足消费者的各种口味和需求:有全脂的,脂肪含量超过3%的;脂肪含量在1.5 - 1.8之间部分脱脂的;脂肪含量在1.5%以下脱脂的。除此之外,还有那些在稠度上不同的:奶油型、浓缩型、饮料型。至于口味,有被称为天然的白色酸奶,或者同时加入水果和其他成分的调味酸奶。




  Butter is a product derived from ancient traditions and has managed to maintain its role in European cuisine. Community legislation requires butter to have a minimum fat content of 82%, 2% dry extract and 16% water; if it is salty (2%), the admitted fat content goes down to 80%. To prepare one kg of butter an average of 23-25 kg of milk is used.

  黄油是源于古老传统的产品,在欧洲烹饪中一直保持着它的地位。社区立法要求黄油的脂肪含量最低为82%,干提取物含量为2%,水分含量为16%; 如果是咸味黄油(咸度2%),脂肪含量可以降到80%。制作一公斤黄油平均要用23-25公斤牛奶。





  The cheese is suitable for people of all ages and is able to satisfy all tastes. It is also particularly suitable for growing children and young people, due to its high content of proteins, calcium and fats. For those who have dietary concerns or special needs, from the vast family of cheeses on the market today, it is possible to choose the ones that best suit their individual needs in terms of calcium intake, quantity of fat and energy. The offer of light dairy products, or in any case with a moderate caloric content, is now increasingly wide: thanks to the progress of technological processes, not only “modern” products such as cottage cheese, but also traditional Italian ones, can be found in lighter versions. Cow, goat, sheep or buffalo cheeses. Or mixed, born from the combination of milks of different species. Fresh cheeses, such as robiola and mascarpone, with spun paste such as mozzarella and provolone, aged such as Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano, or “blue” like Gorgonzola. But all with one common denominator: the highest quality. A dairy product with lots of possibilities to combine with fruits, jams, honey, nuts…





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